What Makes Some Of The Best Dropshipping Businesses Successful?

What Makes Some Of The Best Dropshipping Businesses Successful?

Just because someone has a successful store does not mean you will be successful selling the same products.

Instead, look at what made those stores successful in the first place.

Almost every successful e-commerce and dropshipping business has done really well because they did some or all of the following:

  • Niche Research
  • Kept Launching Campaigns Until They Were Successful
  • Re-Invested Their Earnings Back Into Their Stores
  • Built Marketing Assets To Lower Their Advertising Costs
  • Focused On Creating Unique Advantages
  • Automate Everything They Can

Let’s dive deeper into each of these points:

Niche Research

Bottom line – your product line will make or break your business. That’s why you need to know your niche inside and out and you need to know what products they want to buy… then sell those products to them.

There are a lot of ways to perform niche research and a lot of training out there on how to do it.

However, some of the best training on niche product research for drop shippers is found inside the Dropified Academy, which is available free to all Dropified users.

Dropshipping experts Lowell Rempel and Chase Bowers take you step by step through the niche research process that they have seen work for themselves and for their most successful students.

You can get access to their powerful training for free when you register for the 14 day free trial of Dropified.

Kept Launching Campaigns Until They Were Successful

Most products and campaigns that you launch when you’re just getting started don’t work out, and that’s okay.

As you go through the process of launching each of your products, you’ll keep getting better at the process and you’ll keep learning new things, until you finally hit a winning product and start building it out further.

Then you repeat the process until you find your next winning product.

It can get frustrating at times, especially if you’ve been trying to launch and sell lots of new products with nothing seeming like it’s working out.

However, we encourage you to keep going and to keep launching new products, because one will hit. Then another. Then another.

In fact, our most successful customers are constantly launching new products all the time because they know the process works and they don’t give up.

Re-Invested Their Earnings Back Into Their Stores

Successful drop shippers don’t stop growing their businesses and they don’t keep pulling money out when they earn it – they keep reinvesting it in new traffic.

That’s why they are able to keep growing so fast – they always put the money right back into their business.

They end up spending more money in driving new, targeted traffic into their business, and they spend money building their marketing assets, like email lists and remarketing.

Built Marketing Assets To Lower Their Advertising Costs

As we just touched on above, successful drop shippers not only spend money on advertising to drive new customers in, but they also build up their email lists and set up remarketing lists so that they can market to their newly found warm audience.

This allows them to spend less money on advertising since they are now able to market their products to their own customer lists in order to get repeat business.

They are also able to purchase more direct advertising on social media sites like Facebook to remarket to their existing customers and their store visitors to get new and repeat sales.

Focused On Creating Unique Advantages

The drop shippers that are doing the best also create unique stores and products that stand out from their competition.

They brand their own products, they take their own product pictures, they create fun and helpful product demonstrations, and they create unique product bundles.

Bottom line, they create unique experiences that are hard for the average drop shipper or competitor to replicate, giving them a unique selling advantage.

Automate Everything They Can

Of all the things they do, this is one of the most important, because without automation, they’d be stuck working IN their business instead of ON their business.

They’d be stuck doing things manually all day long, and most likely, would abandon their dropshipping dreams because it got too tedious.

That’s why the most successful drop shippers turn to the Dropified for their automation needs.

While there are a lot of apps out there that help automate things, none come close to the automation power found in Dropified.

In fact, Dropified is the only automation tool that can take an order placed by a customer and then place that order for you, completely automating the order placing and order fulfilling process for you.

That means near total automation.

No other dropshipping tool on the market can do this.

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