How to Browse and Save Products in AliExpress

how to browse and save products in aliexpress

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 10 Minutes

The really fun part starts when you begin browsing in AliExpress for exciting drop ship products you can add to your e-commerce store, with Dropified. Sign in to AliExpress and use the search field (at the top) to conduct a keyword filter of products you may be interested in selling. When you find a product you like, hold down the command button (for Apple users) or the ctrl button, and click once to collect the product.

Right click on the Dropified Web Extension, to see a list of all the products you have collected in the category, choose the product and scroll to the bottom and click save for later (repeat for each product you have selected in the browser). This automatically adds these products to your library in Dropified, where you can publish to your store, or store them for future use.

We all get pretty excited about adding new products, and click quickly through them, so double check your products and delete any duplicates (just click the red x to remove them from your board). Watch our tutorial for more information about choosing trending products for your store.

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