Import Reviews From AliExpress Part 2

Import Reviews From Aliexpress

What kind of customer is a Dropified customer?

A smart one and here’s why…

When it comes to making their products more enticing to Shopify store shoppers, smart Dropified users know how much product reviews from AliExpress can make a difference.

Why is it important that you import reviews from AliExpress?

Online shoppers are always on the lookout for credible products. And what makes products more credible than online reviews? Online reviews are one of the most important factors that a shopper considers whether to purchase the product or not.

However, what if your products in your Shopify store do not have reviews, yet?

Worry no more.

You always have the option to import product reviews from AliExpress by using Dropified! It is extremely easy to import product reviews from AliExpress and use them in your existing Shopify store!

See how incredibly simple it is to import product reviews from

Yes, it is that easy to import product reviews.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to the  Shopify Admin Section and look for the product in your Shopify Store.
  • Click the Dropified Extension located in the taskbar and select “Find in Dropified.” Your browser will lead you to the product in the Shopify App.
  • Click the “Original” tab > “View Original AliExpress” button.
  • Once you are on the original product page in AliExpress, click the Dropified Chrome Extension. Scroll down and select the checkbox that says “Import Reviews.”
  • In that extension, select the filters that you desire for your reviews. Then, indicate the number of review pages that you would like to import. Once done, click the “Save For Later” button, which will allow you to select the “Download Reviews Button.”
  • The downloaded product reviews should appear as a CSV file in your computer. The file cannot be imported into your Shopify store just yet; it needs to be edited. To do this, simply open the file in Excel.
  • In Excel, you will see a column entitled “Product Handle.” The links listed in that column must be edited to reflect the URL slug of your product page. To do this, simply go to your product page in the Shopify store and copy the ending portion of the link. Then, replace all the links under the “Product Handle” with the ending portion of your product page link.
  • Go back to your product in the Shopify Admin section. From there, select the Apps > “View reviews for this product” button. It will lead you to another page in which you need to click Settings > Import.
  • Choose the CSV file that you have edited and check the review dates option before importing the product reviews.
  • Once the process is successful, refresh the product page in your Shopify Store. You should see the product reviews that you have imported from AliExpress.

And that’s it! You have successfully made your products more enticing to potential buyers by importing product reviews from AliExpress into your Shopify store.

It is super easy to import product reviews from AliExpress!

So, if you haven’t imported product reviews into your Shopify store, we suggest that you do it now! Don’t miss the opportunity to let your potential buyers see the positive feedback of the products in your store.

14 thoughts on “Import Reviews From AliExpress Part 2

  1. Tracey Hugo says:

    Hello! I am trying to import reviews through this process however the Import Review box is not showing from the Dropified Extension as shown on the training videos.

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Tracey,

      You can now import reviews of Connected products directly from the Dropified web app! 🙂

      From the Product Edit page of a Connected Product in Dropified, move to the Reviews tab to import products.

      If you still need help with that, reach out to our Support Team via live chat or email 👍

  2. Rzurxn says:

    Hi, that’s a great article. I would like import reviews too but is it legal to import reviews from Aliexpress to my own future online store for the same product. Even though I may not be using that exact AliExpress supplier?

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