Learning 1-Click Order Fulfillment

1-Click Order Fulfillment

Once upon a time, there was a little startup that lived in a garage.

Not just any garage, this one had windows.

In that garage was a group of loyal workers following the ramblings of a crazy, albeit, brilliant entrepreneur.

Stacking products by the dozens they shipped like mad until one day they figured out something brilliant.

The entrepreneur turned to his loyal follower sitting on the ground with him and said, “man, this floor is killing my knees. We need knee pads!” he exclaimed.

And the loyal and respectful, yet outspoken co-worker said, “we don't need knee pads, we need sorting tables!”

Like most entrepreneurs sometimes we can't see what's right in front of us.

Thankfully we have loyal helpers to open our eyes to the obvious when we can't see the forest through the trees.

This “little” company grew and innovated and grew some more. Sorting tables was a simple way to help them move their product faster with less pain.

The more this little company grew the more they innovated until one day, they set the world on fire….

… and they did it with 1-click order fufillment.

One single click…

What's the value of that click?

In 1999 one click turned into a billion dollar idea…

… and that little company in the garage? That was Amazon.

The ability for users to 1-click their way right past the biggest hurdle, the checkout process and straight to the purchase, revolutionized an entire industry overnight.

If 1-click technology could do that for Amazon…

… how far could 1-click ordering take your business?

We can't recommend sorting tables will revolutionize your order fulfillment processes, and we can't guarantee 1-click ordering will make you a Billion dollars …but we can guarantee it will change the way you handle your order management within your business.

If you're juggling 10, 50 or 100+ orders a day…

If you're still working with spreadsheets…

If you're dealing with VA's who accidentally copy and paste the wrong customer information hurting your order accuracy and delivery rates…

If you're manually doing anything with your orders …

… then we guarantee that you will see reductions in your daily work by 17 minutes or more, a drop in your overhead and costs and a reduction in your order management processes!

…or we'll refund your money. It's just that simple. Watch now as we show you how fast and effective 1-Click Order Fulfilment can be in your business…

 “1-Click Order Fulfilment” by Dropified can help you:

➡️ Save 17-50 minutes a day, or more, by removing copy and paste nonsense

➡️ Increase your order accuracy rate by avoiding typos and mistakes

➡️ Order from multiple vendors/suppliers with multiple variations, and avoid the copy paste nightmare

➡️ Sell UNIQUE product bundles faster without handling all the order details

Join the 1 Click Revolution today and blow up your business like it's 1999.

For almost 2 years our customers have been fulfilling their orders with 1-Click Ordering from Dropified. With it, you can drive higher profits through a reduction in time and staff, and stop the manual copy and paste of customer information, crazy spreadsheet management, critical time wasted on incorrect orders…

… and ditch the knee pads in your business 🙂

Next week, we'll introduce you to the next level of automation that enables 1-Click Ordering to virtually power itself! ​ Happy selling!

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