1-Click Product Importing

1-Click Product Importing

It’s a simple fact – the more products you have for sale in your Shopify store, the more sales you can make.

The problem with adding more products though, is that up to this point for many people, it’s been such a manual, time-consuming process to add new products.

You had to create a new product page, add all the details in from detailed descriptions, pricing, edit / crop and upload all your images, etc.

But now, that’s all changed!

What once took 15 to 30 minutes to complete for EACH new product…

…now only takes SECONDS to complete.

Featuring 1-Click Product Importing by Dropified!

In the 2 years since we released this feature, it’s quickly become one of the most famous and popular features due to how quickly you can have a Shopify store full of dozens, hundreds and even thousands of products up and ready for sale.

Yes, with Dropified’s Add Products With 1-Click feature, to add new AliExpress products to your Shopify store, you simply:

  • Find the product page on AliExpress…
  • Select the Dropified Chrome Extension
  • Review and/or edit the product information
  • Select the name of your Shopify store where you want the product information sent and…
  • Click Send To Shopify

See just how simple it really is:

That means you can now add dozens or even hundreds of products to your Shopify store in just SECONDS each!

It’s also making Product Research easier too.

Have you found some great products that you want to consider for your store, but maybe you’re not ready to add them just yet?

Then simply click the “Save For Later” button, and those products will be waiting for your review inside Dropified as well.

It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Ready To Fill Your Own Shopify Store With Thousands Of High Margin Products?

Start adding more products with 1-Click today and drive higher average cart orders, higher profit margins and stop the manual addition of multiple products by hand!

If you’re an existing customer on any plan level, log in now to start using 1-Click Product Importing and add hundreds or thousands of products to your store today.

Not using Dropified yet?! Click here to choose your plan and create your account!

2 thoughts on “1-Click Product Importing

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      Kevin says:

      Hi Randy,
      Product importing can work from many supported sites through our Chrome extension. We also have order fulfillment automation features for AliExpress and eBay 🙂

      Reach out to Dropified Support Team via live chat if you need help

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