Managing Sub Users and Permissions

managing sub users and permissions

Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Time: 8 Minutes

Whether you are managing one e-commerce store or many, you may need to add additional users to your Dropified account for administrative, order fulfillment and product research purposes.

We’ve made it fast and easy to add additional users, and grant them access in the Dropified dashboard. Start by navigating to the subusers field, then click on the blue button to add users. You will get a popup to add subusers; enter the email address of the individual, and they will receive an email invitation to connect. Once they accept, they will appear in the user menu, and you will be able to define subuser permissions.

The dashboard will also display invitations that were sent and a status on whether the individual has accepted. You can also copy the invite link and send it to them by email. And if you need to remove a user from your account, just click the red remove button, under the actions column.

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