Professional Product Photography : 3 Fundamental Ways To Increase Sales Right Now

Product Photography with Jeff DeLaCruz

What's Inside…

Jeff DeLaCruz Gives The Inside Scoop On Using Professional Product Photography

Product Photography with Jeff DeLaCruz

Jeff DeLaCruz, President of POW!, is a highly experienced photography studio operations manager. As president of his company, he’s built the organizational, creative processes and software stack that runs a high volume of photos, orders and customer systems at scale. He designed the digital marketing and inbound sales funnel which brings in over a million in annual revenues. He runs a profitable business by carefully managing budgets and financials. He has leadership experience in times of success and crisis.

Jeff is an expert in ecommerce. He’s directly worked with 1000s of businesses and marketing professionals and has real world experience as a seller on multiple platforms. As an influencer in the space, he’s given presentations, published and interviewed for articles and created developed courses on ecommerce photography strategies, particularly a professionally produced 1 hour course in coordination with Shopify Academy.


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