Setting A Custom Tracking URL

setting a custom tracking url

Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Time: 8 Minutes

Enhance the purchase experience for your e-commerce customers, by providing a custom tracking URL, rather than the standard USPS or default After Ship links. We’ve provided the option to create your own customized URL in Dropified. Get started by navigating to the stores page. Find your store name, and then click on the options on the right side (gear icon) and an custom tracking URL edit window will pop up. You can enter your custom domain tracking information, or click the examples hyperlink, to see our suggested formats. It’s one small way that you can create a unique customized shopping experience that reflects your business and brand, through Dropified.

4 thoughts on “Setting A Custom Tracking URL

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    Alex Glusman says:

    Sounds great, but could you show an example of a custom domain when using, say, 17Track? What does this look like once customised ? And where will my customers see this? Thanks.

    • Kevin
      Kevin says:

      Hi Alex,
      You can add the custom tracking URL for 17track like this:{{tracking_number}}
      Once you set the custom tracking URL, Dropified will use that URL in your store during the order fulfillment process. When your customers click on the tracking number in your store’s Order Status page to see the delivery status, they will be taken to the 17track page 👍
      Hope that makes sense

  2. Avatar
    Alex Glusman says:

    Thanks Kevin. That doesn’t look customised though. In the instructions above it says “You can enter your custom domain tracking information”. Could you please elaborate on that and show me an example?

    • Kevin
      Kevin says:

      Hi Alex,
      The above 17track link is a tracking URL. Custom Tracking URL means you can add any other custom URL that you want to use if you have one. For example, if you subscribe to AfterShip’s premium service, they allow you to track with your custom domain like this:{{tracking_number}}
      You can use that instead of the 17track URL or any other tracking URL that you want.

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