Select Merchandise With The Chrome Extension

select merchandise with the chrome extension

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 5 Minutes

Now for the fun stuff. After you have installed the Dropified Chrome Extension, you are ready to use select merchandise with the chrome extension. This tutorial demonstrates how quickly you can add exciting new merchandise, through AliExpress.

Start by typing a keyword to search available products by category. Next, click on the product you are interested in adding to your store to open the product page. Click on the Dropified Chrome Extension. Sellers can then edit the price, the compare-to price, and even change the name of the product (recommended). Click on MORE OPTIONS to assign a custom category, and search engine tags (separate each tag with a comma). Maintain the variants data provided, to keep all product images linked, when you import the item to your store. You can choose to use the default product description, or add your own (recommended).

To edit the default template, right-click on your Dropified Chrome extension, and choose options to create your own customized template. You can retain all product images, or remove one or more of them, depending on your display preferences, and click more to add additional images that may have been provided by the supplier. Select the board in your shop that you would like to add the product to, by using the drop-down Export to: menu. Click SEND TO DROPIFY to export the product to your shop, where you can make further edits to the product descriptions and sale fields (remember to save your edits).

To plan seasonal products that you may wish to add to your store later, you can use the Dropified extension on your browser to ‘pin’ products you are researching, and save for later. Your product picks will be saved in Dropified.

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