Setting Up CallFlex

setting up callflex

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 12 Minutes

We have been working hard here at Dropified to bring you this exciting new feature called CallFlex. Now our CallFlex plans have this new feature available which allows you to create a Toll Free of local numbers inside of our app that you can use for your store. We are very excited to offer this full call automation to all Dropified users.

Premier users get this awesome feature included in their Dropified plan, while other plans can add it on as an upgrade.

To get started, scroll down in the app to the marketing section and click on it. There is now a selection called CallFlex. Click on that section and you will be taken to a screen where you can pick a phone number for your business. Once you have chosen a number and clicked on it, you will be taken back to your CallFlex dashboard. Now it is time to set up your call flow. To do this, click on the call flow builder button. This will take you to the Call Flow builder screen.

In the call flow builder, the automation starts with the action “when an incoming call is received, follow these steps”. The first thing we need to do is click the button “Add A Step”. You can then choose; play a message, play menu options, record a voicemail; or forward to another phone number.

To set up a full menu, choose “Play Menu Options” and upload your greeting wav file. You have the option to make this message repeating. Right below the wav file are the numbered tabs that you can use as your numbered options from the automation. You can use recorded wav files or text to speech so that you can test and use the best format for your clients. You have 9 options to offer to your customers. You can test and preview all of your answers to ensure that you are using the correct files and messages in the automation banks. You can even have clients leave messages for you in your CallFlex system so you can get back to your clients for specific questions or issues. As clients leave recordings, the recordings will be displayed in your dashboard with a timestamp and caller ID so you can manage and update your customer base.

We are very excited about CallFlex and how much this will help you grow your store! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in customer service or reach out in chat. This is a full-service telephone service with everything you need to create an amazing call platform for your business. Happy selling!

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