Should You Use a Company Name Generator for Your New Business?

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One of the most difficult parts of starting your own business is coming up with a name for it. In years long past, you had to make a list of names that might be effective and hope no other business had the same name. Fortunately, technology has progressed, and there are now company name generator programs. A company name generator is a special type of program that takes into account your brand and products when generating potential names. Additionally, it's linked to a database of available domains. This lets you know if a name you're thinking of is already taken or too similar to an existing property. Let's discuss some more about these programs to see whether they're a good fit for your company!

Why You Should Use a Company Name Generator

Naming a company is a creative process. Machines utilize only pre-programmed logic when spitting out answers to the questions we plug in. So, it can be easy to scoff at the idea of using a company name generator to help name your company. The truth is, as humans, we tend to confine ourselves to our own box of thinking. When we latch onto something we like and think will work, we don't want to let it go. Company name generators can help you think outside that box and pay attention to the most important aspect of naming. That aspect is defining your brand. In a globally competitive market, having a memorable and easily recognizable brand is all-important. Your company's name should tell people not only what you do but also who you are as a company. These initial steps can help you boost your income and build your brand community.

Online Presence

Additionally, there are now web domain names to think about. An unoriginal name could lead to a major loss of online presence and customer reach. For example, let's say you own a painting company that you name Smith Painting, Inc. There is already a competing company in a nearby county called Smith Painting, LLC. Because it existed before your company, it has already claimed all possible Smith Painting online domains, including Thus, when potential customers search for you, they will likely find your competitor instead of you. Using a company name generator will help you avoid the above situation, saving you lost potential customers and revenue.

What Kind Of Name Generator Should I Use?

There are a variety of name generators out there that can help you come up with a unique, brand-appropriate company name. Below is a list of popular name generators currently on market. is a GoDaddy-run site that helps you come up with a company name. It also searches available domain names to ensure you don't get saddled with a company name that isn't available as a domain name. You type in two keywords related to your business. After you click “Go,” you'll get a slew of catchy domain names that are currently available. Many companies who use this tool opt to adopt the domain name as their company name. If you choose to host your site with GoDaddy, you can also view a list of available pricing options.


This generator includes a box in which you type all relevant keywords to your business. From there, you can choose the maximum and minimum number of letters you want. You can also choose the percentage of vowels and consonants you want in your name. After you click “Generate Brand Names,” you get a long list of potentially available names. To make sure a name is available, you simply click on it. A webpage will pop up saying if it is available or not.


Dot-O-Mator is a simple yet effective tool that helps you create a domain name as well as a company name. On the site's main page, you can pick two selections from its Name List or type some keywords in the boxes below. From there, the site will generate a list of available domain names as well as a list of taken names. If you need a truly unique name, Dot-O-Mator can help you there as well. Just click on “Generate Name!” and then “Check Availability!” to double-check and make sure that name is indeed available. Additionally, Dot-O-Mator includes a list of tips to consider when choosing a domain name.

Naming By Write Express

This name generator is a handy tool if you want to specify certain parts of your domain name. You enter a word that you want in your domain name along with a desired ending or beginning. The site includes a list of defined endings and beginnings at the bottom. From there, you choose which URL ending you want (.com or .net, for example), and then click “Find Names.”

Rhymer By Write Express

Rhymer is another nifty tool offered by Write Express. If you want a rhyming name, this is the generator for you. The main page showcases detailed description of each kind of rhyme it offers. From there, you enter a word in the search area at the top and select the kind of rhyme you want. Then, you click “Rhyme.”

Word Lab's Business Name Generator

If you're open to the kind of name your business has, Word Lab's Business Name Generator is a great tool. All you do is click “Get Name!” and you'll instantly receive a unique name. If you don't like it, you just click again and again until a name that you like pops up.

Additional Tips For Naming Your Business

Using a company name generator is just the tip of the iceberg when comes to finding a name for your company. There are other things you should consider when naming your company. Such things include the following.
  1. Search the United States Patent and Trademark Office‘s website to see if you can patent your company's name.
  2. Search the Secretary of the State's website to make doubly sure your company's name isn't similar to any other businesses in your state.
  3. Ask trusted friends and family members what they think of the name.
Most importantly, though, you should ensure you yourself like the name. After all, your company will be stuck with it.

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