The Ten Most Successful Shopify Themes

Successful Shopify Themes

Building a successful e-commerce platform doesn't happen overnight. However, there are many online resources available to help move things along.

The internet allows you to pick and choose the perfect hosting site, payment solution, and support system. These are succesful shopify themes that accelerate your business.

Even better, you can get all of this and more on Shopify. Shopify is quickly becoming the preferred one-stop shop to set up an e-commerce site.

As the competition increases, though, it is more important than ever to choose the right theme for your site. Here are the top ten Shopify themes to consider.

1. MyShop

MyShop opens a world of design opportunities with 13 variations to choose from. Shop owners can go with bold and trendy or basic and classy elements to bring their site to life.

Furthermore, they can track success with the extensions MyShop offers. Connect to Instagram and post your favorite seasonal OOTD or try your hand at Google-rich formatting strategies.

2. YourStore

Coming in with 22 pre-set layouts, YourStore almost doubles the design choices of MyShop. You can play with elements as you go or choose one layout you absolutely love.

Elements include headers, footers, and checkout options available to interchange. Not sure how to get started? Luckily, this is one of many Shopify themes that come with online tutorials and extended customer support.

3. iOne

Are your e-commerce products geared in a feminine and fancy direction? If so, see how you like iOne. This theme is all about elegance and simplicity.

It comes with 12 pastel design solutions, each equipt to succeed beyond aesthetics. The interface options here invite you to incorporate alternative images, product zoom, and even an off-canvas menu.

4. Jasper

For more extensions to keep your consumers engaged, look no further than Jasper. Jasper takes a regular product page and makes it feel like an in-store shop. This is largely due to all the widgets available, which leave no doubt about the product features.

With this theme, your customers can enjoy a quick product view to scroll through various options in ease. Don't forget to add scrolling reveals to make the experience even more interactive. Going international? Include the currency switcher for anyone anywhere to know exactly how much they can expect to pay.

5. Material

Some people know exactly what they're looking for, and don't want to waste time sorting through all of your products. If this sounds like your target audience, add Material to your list of top Shopify themes.

The mega-menu is the main feature that will make many focused consumers' day. This is the filter that turns a general search into a specific need. Users can look for a product in terms of color, size, price, and much more.

They might only want to look for shoes in their size, or for the perfect pair of black jeans for fall. For those who like to stick around your e-commerce site a little longer,

Material lets you add video. Videos are a great way to boost brand loyalty and lower bounce rates. They keep people engaged and allow you to share a part of your brand that might not be noticeable right away.

6. Kagami

It might be hard to picture what your e-Commerce site looks like two years from now if you're just getting started. Maybe you only have one line of accessories available right now.

Or, you could have a vision for all kinds of home decor in mind, but you're still looking for artists to work with. Thankfully, Kagami is ready to use right now and in the future. It lets you build your site over time instead of having to set up every page right away. As your product offerings grow, simply add more extensions to the sidebar.

Kagami's extensions also open doors to success outside of your domain. It's built to be responsive to mobile, which improves your SEO performance significantly. Don't forget – users are searching for you on social media, too. Thankfully, you can track everything in one place with integrated support.

7. Canopy

Canopy is one of the most customizable Shopify themes. What it lacks in presets, it makes up for in design freedom and fun creative opportunities. This theme truly lets you make your e-commerce site everything you want it to be – right down to your homepage rows. Every row can have your personal touch, and the whole theme is suitable for any size of inventory.

8. District

An e-commerce domain operating on Shopify's District theme has many reach opportunities. Business owners can take advantage of the email marketing extensions as well as Instagram integration.

To truly reach users everywhere, mobile responsiveness ties the whole design process together. Visually, District is a balance of the best features Shopify themes offer. It is bold and engaging, without being too busy.

The mix of basic classics and fun photography creates a design experience anyone enjoys.

9. Mosaic

Mosaic is the pre-set package an online store owner and a freelance writer can both appreciate. The different settings work for many different kinds of industries. Yet, they are customizable enough that no two sites will look the same.

Most noteworthy of all the features is the gallery layouts available. Businesses can present their favorite collections or the best-selling products in one place. Set up engaging photos or use a slideshow, but don't miss out on this valuable visual tool.

10. Startup

Startup is made for what the name suggests – businesses that are just getting off the ground. But, it's diverse enough to keep as you grow. First things first, this is where you can display your first line of products using only one page.

How much more direct can you be?

As your services diversify, Startup's set-up can, too. It's built for SEO optimization, Instagram live feed services, and slideshows you can tweak as time goes on.

Take Your Pick of Shopify Themes

The right theme for your e-commerce site can be the difference between hooking consumers and losing them to competitors. Take advantage of audience opportunities with the help of Shopify themes. One of these professionally-made options is sure to take your design to the next level. For even more Shopify success, check out these apps that can make you more money!

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