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Captcha Solver

When it comes to saving a lot of time and money for our customers, especially those of you placing dozens to hundreds (or more) AliExpress orders each day…

…we really hope that you’ve been using our special Captcha Solver feature.

See this time-saving feature in action here right now:

If you are placing regular orders on AliExpress, then you’ve no doubt run into times when their system has asked you to solve a Captcha form, which is their system verifying that your orders are being placed by a human and not a bot.

It’s a good thing and it protects everyone involved.

However, as your sales volume increases and you have a lot of orders to place, having to stop regularly to input characters to solve a Captcha can really slow you down.

That’s where our “automated” Captcha Solver feature comes in to help save you a LOT of time during this process.

Now, we put the word “automated” in quotes for a reason.

That’s because while the process appears to be automated by software from your end…

…there are actually real humans on the other end manually solving the Captcha forms for you.

(We haven’t found an OCR that can handle the AliExpress captcha, so yes, these are actually solved by humans.)

Even though it’s a little slow sometimes to solve Captchas, there’s still benefit to having the auto solve.

The captcha solver keeps everything “automated” on your end, so there’s no more stoppage unless the captcha can’t be solved.

That means you no longer have to sit there in front of your computer and do this for yourself anymore.

Now, while the Captcha Solver feature is an Upgrade, we’ve made it really cheap to use the feature.

In fact, the pricing starts at just $10 for 2500 Captcha credits. Yes, for just $10, you’ll free yourself up from having to input 2500 Captcha forms.

At just 10 seconds per Captcha form, that translates to just under 7 HOURS saved… for just $10!

That is 7 hours that can now be spent actually growing your business instead of performing some mind-numbing repetitive tasks.

That’s a total no-brainer if you ask us.

So, if you’re ready to start saving a lot of time and money while placing your AliExpress orders, then be sure to grab your Captcha Solver credits right now.

Simply log into your Dropified account, click on your Plan Name in the top right section, then Click the Plan & Bundles tab and you’ll find the “Manage Auto Captcha Credits” section where you can place your order.

So, stop losing time on mundane tasks – get your Captcha Solver credits right now and invest your time where it really counts – growing your business.

2 thoughts on “Dropified’s The Captcha Solver

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    Floride Quintiliani says:

    I do not understand what this can do for me. Can this keep track of inventory levels on AliExpress products in real time?

    • blank
      Admin says:

      Hello Floride!

      Yes, actually Dropified will allow you to keep track of inventory levels and switch to a back up supplier if one of your main suppliers runs out of product! The Captcha feature, which is what we talk about in this article, shows you how we can automatically complete the Captcha pop up form so you do not have to do it manually! This is a HUGE time saving feature if you’re doing 10,100 or 1000+ orders a day!

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