3 Easy Ways Dropified Members Can Grow Their Sales Using YouTube and TubeHunt

Using TubeHunt To Grow Your Sales

TubeHunt is an easy-to-use tool that digital marketers can use to find trending and viral videos and qualify them for creative advertising. 

Learning how to use third-party content that is created by other people on YouTube, and how to locate trending videos that will resonate with your customers is the first step in creating an effective content marketing plan.  One that will help you grow your social media followers, and drive traffic from viral videos right to your store.

There are three ways to use TubeHunt to find actionable, high-quality video content that will help you grow your own e-commerce sales.   Our marketing team at Dropified has some valuable tips to help you get started with using TubeHunt.

1. Find Trending Videos for Social Media Content

Content marketing for e-commerce involves finding interesting articles and videos that your target customer will want to watch.  If your social media sharing for your dropshipping business revolves exclusively around linking to specific products on your website, or sales and special offers, you may find it difficult to build the kind of audience that you need to impact sales.

When you are planning your social media posts, remember to entertain and inform prospective customers by seeking out interesting things about your product lifestyle and niche.  If you sell outdoor sporting equipment for fishing or boating for example, you will want to share the kind of videos that demonstrate how much fun it is to participate in those activities.

Using fishing as an example, you may want to curate video content from YouTube that may include useful tips such as:

  • Anglers who are using lures, rods and lines similar to what you are selling in your store.
  • Expert fishing tournament footage, that your customers will find interesting.   Let them get some valuable tips from professional competitive anglers to help them improve their skill.
  • Practical hands on equipment advice, from tying a good line knot, to reviews on some of the features that the most expensive high-end fishing rods and reels have in common, in terms of features.
  • Beginners learning how to fish, or families that enjoy the sport together (and how to instill the hobby for the next generation, for wholesome family outdoor fun).

When you utilize this approach to augment the products and promotions you share on your social media channels, you are positioning yourself as an authority in that lifestyle hobby, or niche.  People appreciate good advice, and if you are helping them find all the advice that they need to fully enjoy the hobby, sport or interest, they will also value and listen to your tips about the right kind of products they need to buy to participate.

And when they are ready to shop, it will be your store that they visit first for recommendations on the products they need to enjoy the hobby or activity they are interested in.

2. Build a YouTube Playlist for Your E-commerce Store

One of the biggest mistakes we see business owners make, when they start adding content and building an audience on YouTube, is disorganization.  Looks and appearances matter.  If you are seeking out great video content, remember to build a playlist in YouTube with organized categories, that can help your customers find what they are looking for quickly.

Don’t forget to spend some time augmenting your own video playlist, with search terms that will help customers find your original videos on YouTube.  After you have completed filming and editing your unboxing, or product review video, make sure to add search engine tags that will help your video perform in YouTube search.

Remember, YouTube is owned by Google, and the same SEO principals apply.  Research your keywords and add them to your video description, and to the metatags for each piece of original content you create.  

Each description for your original video should contain:

  • Keywords and metatags
  • A description of at least 3-5 sentences in length, about what the video demonstrates, the product and why it is useful. 
  • A hyperlink to your store, with a standard description of what your e-commerce store provides for customers.  You can use this store description in every video (with the website link) for a professional look.

Create your YouTube Playlist with the same considerations that you used, when you build your blog article categories.   Keep it organized by theme, to make it easy for your prospective customers to find the information they want.

For our example about fishing and outdoor camping gear shops, consider a playlist on YouTube with the following categories:

  • Getting Started
  • Fishing Gear Reviews
  • Competitive Fishing
  • Freshwater Fishing
  • Saltwater Fishing
  • Camping Gear
  • Lures 101
  • Safety Equipment
  • Celebrity Fishing Tips

In your YouTube Playlist you can mix in some of your own proprietary or custom videos.  For instance, in the ‘Fishing Gear Reviews’ you can save video tips from pro-fishermen, but you can also include your own product video reviews and tips.   In the equipment categories, you can also mix in some great videos you have created, instructing customers on using some of the products you carry in your e-commerce store.   

Every video you create and organize on your YouTube channel, among celebrity and expert reviews and entertaining viral videos that you have saved on your playlist, is an opportunity to drive a new customer to your store, to purchase your featured products.

3.  Use TubeHunt to Identify Videos That You Can Advertise With

Video content is the most highly viewed and effective form of pay per click (PPC) advertising available for business owners.   Let’s be honest; you could spend hours manually searching for the videos that have the most followers and views to advertise on.  But that’s a waste of time, and potentially money, particularly if you are not able to see all the insights about the video you are considering allocating advertising budget for.

In other words, does it make sense to spend any of your advertising dollars on a video that was trending two years ago, but gets minimal new traffic now? Nope. And since you can’t see the whole picture in terms of a video’s performance on YouTube (with the exception of how many views it has earned and the number of comments below), you could use a bit of helping to pick the best ones for your advertising budget.

That’s why we built in an exciting feature called “TubeHunt” for our Dropified Premier Members.  Under the [marketing] section of your Dropified dashboard, you will find TubeHunt.    Enter the search term to make the software run through and screen, then provide a comprehensive list of the best videos you can review for advertising potential.  

It will also help you find great third-party content videos that you’ll want to add to your growing YouTube Playlist, and share on social media to help find customers who share your passion for the lifestyle and hobby.

See how it works in this video from Dropified CEO’s Chase Bowers and Lowell Rempel. 

TubeHunt is fast, easy to use and full of the insights you need to make informed decisions about video content for social sharing, and advertising opportunities on videos that are going viral.  Target your ideal customer by allocating some of your marketing budget to YouTube advertising, and increase the traffic of qualified potential customers (the ones most likely to buy your dropshipping products).

TubeHunt is available to all Dropified members.  To learn more about TubeHunt, our plans and e-commerce business management dashboard, explore the other amazing features available to our Dropified members.   

Grow your e-commerce business, with Dropified.

To learn more about how Dropified's TubeHunt can help your dropshipping business thrive over the coming months and years just click the button below and get started with our FREE TRIAL today!

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