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The Following Features Are Included In Builder and Premier Plans

Quickly add products to your online store from AliExpress and eBay

Quickly find amazing products, instantly add them to your e-commerce store, and ship them directly to your customers. USA-based eBay products can be shipped to your customers in days!

Automatically fulfill orders made from your store

Fulfill as many orders as you can sell from as many vendors as you want, in seconds, without you or your staff EVER touching the product! Dropified® truly has everything you need to run your drop shipping business like a pro.

Product-Related Features

The Most Time Consuming Part Of The Drop Shipping Process Is Loading Products Into Your Store, Processing Orders And Researching Products.
Great News! You Can Now Do All Of This With The Click Of A Few Buttons. And That’s Just A Few Of The Many Options To Automate Your Online Store.

Price Change Auto Updates

Losing money because you didn’t know a vendor changed their pricing? No problem. We’ve automated a process to solve that.

Product Availability Updates

Frustrated when a vendor removes a product you’re selling on your store? No problem. We’ve automated a process to solve that too.

Dynamic Facebook Feeds

Ready to create your e-commerce product feed in Facebook? No problem! Dropified® provides tools that make it easy to populate a stream of trendy products and start delivering them through sponsored advertising in Facebook.

Easy Product Variant Setup

You aren't just selling socks… you're selling different sizes, colors and designs that your customers love. And you have to make sure that the variant your customer orders, is the one they get! You're going to love how easy we've made this for our Dropified® members.

Filter Products with ePacket

Tired of searching for vendors that ship with trackable tracking numbers? You got it. We’ve automated a sorting process to solve that too.

Connect Existing Products

If you have products that are already on a Shopify, Woocommerce or CommerceHQ store, you can connect and manage them all in Dropified®. Many stores; one organized place to rule them all, with Dropified®.

Product and Inventory Sync

Sync your current Shopify products with Dropified® so you can automate your fulfillment quickly and easily.

1-Click Add to Your Store

Dropified® makes it easy to manage products in your e-commerce store. You can check the products you'd like to publish and send them to your store all at once. Simply click connect, or disconnect, to connect multiple products in your Dropified® dashboard to your e-commerce store!

Edit Products on Upload

Write your own customized product descriptions, rename the product, or edit the image provided by the AliExpress drop shipping vendor. Dropified® offers user-friendly tools to help you edit and customize products quickly.

Product Customization

You don't want your store to look like every other e-commerce shop out there right? That's why customizing your product images with your own logo, and descriptions helps create a brand identity that sells, to online shoppers.

Save Original Product Information

The original AliExpress product data is saved in case you need to reference sizes or details you left out of your product description.

1-Click Save for Later

Organize product boards to research trending products for each one of your stores, or prepare ahead of time for holiday sales opportunities or special promotional events! Then edit, and upload them to your store, and start selling!

Import Product Reviews from Vendor

Smart buyers want to know how others have rated products they purchase. Instead of starting from scratch, you can import reviews directly from the vendor.

Bulk Editing of Products

Save a ton of time editing products that are similar. You can edit the price, tags, product type (category), weight, and description. It's a time saving tool for a discount product page or promotional ‘flash sale' items!

Easy Vendor Change

All AliExpress vendors are not created equal. If you've run into a problem (or two), you can easily research a similar e-commerce product with a new vendor, and connect them to your store and order fulfillment workflow. Just click, and it's done!

Easy Multi-Vendor Per Product

One has the variants you want, except for that hot selling style or color that all your customers want to order? No problem! Dropified® helps you map multiple vendors to a product and variant (size, color, style) so that you never miss a sale.

Check for Product Videos

Did you know that customers would rather watch a product video than read the product description? Have you ever wanted to know if an AliExpress product listing has a video in it? Us too! That's why we added that feature to Dropified®.

US Product Database

Some customers are willing to wait for a low priced product from AliExpress. Other customers want it like… yesterday. Dropified® members can access filtering to identify only vendors who are FOB in the United States, for fast delivery times.


Order Fulfillment Is An Extremely Time-Consuming Task. Dropified® Takes That Process And Automates It For You, Saving You Tons Of Time.

1-Click Auto Fulfillment

No more copy and paste nightmares when setting up order details in AliExpress or eBay. Save time, increase your accuracy, and avoid mistakes by automating the order details.

Order Fulfillment Monitoring

Work smarter (not harder!). In just a few clicks, you can see what orders are queued and ready for approval. You can even automate your order fulfillment, and use our Captcha Solver to allow Dropified® to process orders in the background.

View and Manage Store Orders

Too many tabs open? The struggle is real for e-commerce business owners. But once you have connected your e-commerce store to Dropified®, you will be able to see, review and manage order fulfillment in one place.

Easy Order Filtering

When you have a customer service issue (and they do happen), you don't want to have to scroll manually through pages and pages of order history. We added an easy filtering tool that allows you to search by name, or item to help you get the information you need quickly, to respond to your customer.

Save Shipping Options

Are you going to offer your customers free shipping that is included in the price set for each product? Or are you going to add a unique shipping fee for products of similar weight? However you decide to structure your shipping options, you'll find it easy to set-up for all products connected in Dropified®.

AliExpress Captcha Solver

Who has time to say “No, I'm not a robot!” hundreds (or thousands) of times per day? Not us, and definitely not e-commerce business owners. That's why the Captcha solver we've made available to all members is epic.

Easy Customer Updates

Sending a confirmation email of the order and delivery tracking information is important (and it builds trust with your customer). Inside the order dashboard in Dropified®, you'll be able to see the customer information organized for you. And that makes customer service easier to manage.

See Exact Dates on Orders Page

We're always improving the Dropified® user experience. That's why we now include this new and improved feature! Instead of showing “2 Days Ago”, you can now show the EXACT date an order was placed.


Product Images Are The First Impression Customers Will Have Of Your Brand. Dropified®’s Powerful Image Tools Helps You To Quickly And Easily Create A Visually Appealing Ecommerce Store.

Download Product Images

Downloading the existing product images allows you to make edits and add your branding elements, helping you stand out from the masses.

Upload Custom Product Images

One of the best ways to increase customer interest and really stand out is to create your own product images and upload them to your store.

Easy Product Images

Dropified® makes adding product images from AliExpress extremely easy. Simply click to add the ones you want to keep and delete the ones you don't!

In-App Photo Editing

The Dropified® Photo Editor tool allows you to crop and resize images for a professional on-page shopping experience for your customers.

Additional Power Features

As A Dropified® Customer, You Gain Access To Our Community, With Free Live Chat Support And Advanced Training Options.

Free Support

We provide a free video training library on every amazing feature that Dropified® offers. Our friendly support team can be reached in SLACK, through our ticketing system, and through live chat on our website. We're about helping you take advantage of every feature to grow your business!

Free Chrome Extension

Standing in line for a coffee? With the Chrome extension you can do product research anywhere and any time. Simply log into your AliExpress account for product discovery, and click the Dropified® Chrome browser to add vendor items to your product boards for editing, and upload to your shop! Click. Click! Done.

Quick Default Settings

Dropified® comes with default settings that you can apply globally to all products in your store. You can edit them, adjust price markup, price cents value, compare-at price, default weight units, and more! This is a valuable tool that saves you tons of time you would spend editing this for each product!

AliExtractor – AliExpress Research

Stop wasting time with product research and use the #1 tool on the market for finding top-selling AliExpress products to sell.  Find products, view product reviews, save your favorite searches, compare prices and more with this powerful Chrome extension. Don't pay $29/month, it's included free in all Dropified® plans.

Set Easy Automatic Margins

Tired of calculating your target profit margin on every… single… individual… product? We feel you. So we included a great and easy to use method of setting customized profit margins that will auto-price your products within the parameters that you specify. Bulk price and quickly adjust prices to for sales, and more.

Advanced Training

We're more than a leading e-commerce saas provider, we're a community of global entrepreneurs and dedicated to helping our members learn, launch and grow their e-commerce stores. From free learning resources to strategic tips and advice on our blog, and our video training events (Dropified® Challenge), we're here to help our members.

Need More Power? The Following Features Are Included In Dropified® Premier Plans.

Find YouTube videos that relate to your market

TubeHunt is a very powerful advertising and targeting platform to help you grow your Dropified® store. Now you can control ad cost by enabling precise placement of your products and keep your bid cost low! Save $89+ per month with TubeHunt as part of our Premier Bundle!

Create a Toll-Free number to help grow your business

What usually costs $19 per month is included for our Premier customers! Our full-service telephone service, CallFlex, offers everything you need to create an amazing call platform that allows customers to leave voicemail messages, forward calls and more! Premier plan includes 100 minutes per month and either a local or toll-free phone number.

profit-dashboard premier features

Quickly see net profit stats using our Profit Dashboard

This feature allows you to get an accurate read on profit margins and profitability. Now you can know what you’re REALLY making with your ecommerce store.

Google Product Feed

Before you can upload your e-commerce products to the Google Merchant Center, you need to create your Primary Feed. Let the world's largest search engine display your products to online shoppers. You can set it all up in your Dropified® dashboard.

Manage Multiple Stores

Power sellers have the ability to link up to 5 of their dropshipping stores to their Dropified® account. Integrate your Shopify, Woocommerce, CommerceHQ and GrooveKart stores. After 5 stores have been added, Premier users can add additional stores for just $27/mo. each.

Ready To Truly Grow And Scale Your Dropshipping Business?

Then You’ll Want To Upgrade To The Premier Plan!

Scale your business and process even more orders on the Premier Plan because you’ll get even more automation features, the ability to run and manage multiple stores form one dashboard and have your orders fulfilled for you automatically!

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Feature Comparison

Builder Plan

Premier Plan

Save Custom Shipping Options

Product Research Boards

Real Time Order Date Summary

Custom Set Profit Margins

USA Vendor Filtering

AliExtractor – AliExpress Research Tool

CallFlex Phone Platform (Toll Free Number Included)

Manage Multiple Stores

Your e-commerce store awaits!

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