Increase your eCommerce conversion rates by offering a local or toll-free phone number for your customers to call and get more information.

Free With Dropified's Premier Plan

More Sales And Great Customer Support

Conversion rates can increase as much as 6% just by having a Toll Free Number or Contact Number on your stores website and landing pages.

Local And Toll Free Numbers

CallFlex supports the use of both local number and toll-free numbers so you can choose how you wish to show your number on your site.

US and Canada

CallFlex currently supports calls within the United States and Canada at this time.

Flexible Billing

You can switch CallFlex on and off and it won’t affect your main Dropified billing account. You only get charged what you use and it’s a separate charge that you can control.

Control Your Subscriptions

If you want to use CallFlex, you select the subscription you want. If you want to turn it off, you can cancel anytime.

Add Unlimited Lines

You can upgrade and use as many lines as you wish to run your various companies. Each line will have its own billing and subscription controls so you can use each one as you wish.

Multiplan Billing

If you have multiple numbers and multiple plans, they are all listed, charged and updated separately, so that one plan never interferes with another plan if you need to make changes.

Support Overage Billing

If you ever run out of minutes in a given month and you haven’t had a chance to purchase more minutes, you can choose not to get automatically stopped, but rather have an automatic “overage charge” happen and your CallFlex will not shut down, allowing your system to keep running and helping your customers.

Backbone of my e-commerce business. I cannot even imagine how I could run a store without having this tool. Really, imagine uploading hundreds of product images, descriptions, titles, manually.

Arthur Khoyetsyan

Best app created when it comes to adding products and fulfilling orders. With the various product suppliers, it makes scaling my business a quick and easy process.

Stephanie Homier

Free CallFlex Subscription Included with Dropified's Premier Plan

Don't have a Dropified Premier Plan? No problem! Dropified Builder Plan holders can add CallFlex for a low monthly fee and have the same CallFlex benefits as our Premier Plan holders.

CallFlex Local

Included for Free with Premier Plan OR Add to Dropified's Builder Plan for

per month

0 Toll-Free Phone Number(s)
1 Local Phone Number(s)
0 Toll-Free Call Minutes
100 Local Call Minutes

CallFlex Toll Free Plus

Included for Free with Premier Plan OR Add to Dropified's Builder Plan for

per month

1 Toll-Free Phone Number(s)
0 Local Phone Number(s)
100 Toll-Free Call Minutes
0 Local Call Minutes

Overages Pricing

$5/mo for extra Toll-Free number over the limit
$3/mo for extra Local number over the limit
$0.20 for extra Toll-Free minute over the limit 
$0.10 for extra Local minute over the limit 

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