Quickly Find Videos Specifically Related To Your Niche

TubeHunt is a powerful targeting platform to help you grow your store by helping you find Youtube videos you can advertise on.

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Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google, and TubeHunt can help you make sure you are reaching the right audience.

Find Relevant Videos
Quickly and easily identify videos you can advertise on.

Search by keyword and channels to find videos specifically related to your niche. Add them as content to your site and even advertise on them if you can, putting your products in front of thousands of your prospects quickly.

Do Precision Targeting 
Use Youtube ads to get traffic and sales to your eCommerce store.

Now you can control ad cost by enabling precise placement of your products and keep your bid cost low! That means you can directly target your ideal customers through advertising on the exact videos you want.

Save Huge Amounts Of Time
No more manually searching, copying and pasting!

Simply search for the same keywords and youtube channels your target customers are searching for on youtube and TubeHunt will scrap the entire list of video search results straight from Youtube.

These are the exact videos your audience is finding and watching when they are searching on Youtube as well. And you can advertise directly to them!

With TubeHunt you can quickly build a list of hundreds or even thousands of videos specific to your target market that you can run your ad in front of.

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