TubeHunt is a powerful targeting platform to help you grow your store by helping you find Youtube videos that relate to your niche.

Free With Dropified's Premier Plan

Find Trending Videos 

Quickly and easily find trending videos related to your niche store that are being watched and shared like crazy. Add them as content to your site and even advertise on them if you can, putting your products in front of thousands of your prospects quickly.

Curate Social Media Video Content For Your Site

Need great, targeted videos related to your store? Now you’ll be able to find and curate relevant video content for your visitors quickly and easily.

Build A YouTube Playlist For Your eCommerce Store

Quickly locate great videos that you can use to create a custom playlist on YouTube related to your store and your ideal customers. Then mix in your own YouTube video content to drive customers back to your store.

Identify Videos That You Can Advertise On

Now you can control ad cost by enabling precise placement of your products and keep your bid cost low! That means you can directly target your ideal customers through advertising on the exact videos you want.

Save Money

With our TubeHunt partnership, you’re saving at least $324 per year versus having to get a separate subscription from TubeHunt directly, and it’s fully integrated into your Dropified dashboard, so no need to log in anywhere else to use it.

Backbone of my e-commerce business. I cannot even imagine how I could run a store without having this tool. Really, imagine uploading hundreds of product images, descriptions, titles, manually.

Arthur Khoyetsyan

Best app created when it comes to adding products and fulfilling orders. With the various product suppliers, it makes scaling my business a quick and easy process.

Stephanie Homier

TubeHunt Is Included In Our Premier Plan for Free!

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