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Auto Tracking
What kind of customer is a Dropified customer? A smart one and here’s why… Dropified customers know that their customers always come first, and a big part of keeping their customers happy is knowing where their packages are at all times in the delivery process. That’s why Dropified does auto tracking for you. Just place your customers order once and let Dropified check for updates to the order. While browsing AliExpress, Dropified works in the background to scan your orders and check for tracking and status updates. When an order update is found, Dropified will post the update to the web application so that you can update your customer that the order has shipped. Smart Dropified customers know how time consuming manually searching for individual tracking numbers and posting them to their customers can be… …and at the 2-3 minutes it takes to manually locate and email out tracking alerts, our auto tracking order updates easily saves you several hours per month of tedious work. That means you can focus on scaling your sales and building your empire – not getting lost in manual, mundane work. See this powerful feature in action here: Even better? You can CUSTOMIZE and BRAND your tracking URL. Yes, we can use YOUR URL to set up tracking links so that the entire process is branded to your business. We also give you the option to use other tracking URL’s depending on your needs. What other software allows you to fully brand the entire process from order to fulfillment like this? Only Dropified. To see the brandable tracking URL options available to you, simply follow these steps:
  • Log in to the Dropified App
  • Click on the “Stores” tab
  • Select the “Settings” icon on the right hand side of the Store name
  • Elect “Custom Tracking URL” from the dropdown options
  • Enter your custom URL – OR – select one of the tracking URL options listed
It really is that simple to set up and begin using your own custom URL tracking links… …so be sure to log in today and set your up if you have not done so already. Happy Selling The Team @ Dropified

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4 thoughts on “Auto Tracking Number Updates

    • blank
      Kevin says:

      Hi there,
      Not Tracked means the Order ID isn’t added in Dropified.
      If you need some more details about that, reach out to Dropified Support team for help 🙂

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