Product Customization

Product Customization
What kind of customer is a Dropified customer? A smart one and here’s why… Dropified customers know how to setup and use custom product description templates so that when they import new products from AliExpress – the products are already formatted properly and fit the theme of their store perfectly thanks to our product customization. That means their products are imported and customized instantly, shaving off around 10 minutes of editing time per product imported. The average Dropified user imports 429 products, and at 10 minutes saved on each product, that's at least 71 hours (4290 minutes) being saved on new product setups simply by using the custom description templates. 71 HOURS saved! That’s some extremely valuable time that can be way better spent on growing their business… …or chilling out and relaxing on the beach. How about you – could you use an extra 71 hours? Are you using these templates to customize your products automatically when you import them? See how simple it is to create custom description templates for your Shopify stores here: Here’s where to find the product description templates section inside the Dropified App so you can get started customizing your own templates: 1. Go to the Stores Tab 2. Scroll to the Settings section 3. Click on the Product Custom Descriptions button and get started. From there, you’ll be able to create a template design for newly imported descriptions, and they will be powered through Product Tags that help you pull in the information and fill out the template automatically for you. So, when you import new products, you select the template you created and it will dynamically import and create the customized product description for you the fly, ready to go in your store. Even better – you’ll be able to create as many templates as you want, so if you have multiple stores, you can create a custom template for each store. This powerful little feature will save you hours upon hours of time-consuming product changes… …so make sure you login and start creating your own product description templates right now. Happy Selling The Team @ Dropified

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