Product Bundle Mapping in Dropified

product bundle mapping in dropified

Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

Online shopping is made easier, when multiple products that consumers want, can be bundled into a practical and economical single-order solution. This is common for retailing kits for sports and outdoor equipment, kitchenware, seasonal costumes and pet supplies.

For e-commerce business owners, it is also an effective way to increase your average order value, from a single product to a bundle, in a special offer, turning even negative campaigns into higher profit margins. When you set up your product bundle mapping correctly, it will also save you time with one-button order fulfillment of multiple products. Start by adding the products to your store from AliExpress, using the Dropified browser extension.

Next, navigate to the product page, and the bundle mapping tab, where you can add products to create your bundle, by clicking on the select product button (bottom left). If you only wish to display the product(s) in a bundle, when saving the product from AliExpress, uncheck the ‘make product visible’ option.

When you are aiming for higher purchase values with a special bundle offer, it’s recommended that you do not offer the individual items as separate purchase options, but the option to list as single purchase items is available for Dropified members. Learn how to organize product bundles like a power seller, with Dropified.

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