Refine Product Images With Dropified Photo Editor

refine product images with dropified photo editor

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 6 Minutes

Wholesale vendors that have hundreds or thousands of products, can sometimes provide merchandise pictures that have too much whitespace. You want the product to be the focus on the page for best results.

In Dropified, our Photo Editor tool, allows you to crop and resize images, so that the layout is consistent with other product images on your website, for a professional on-page shopping experience for your customers. The ‘old school’ way of doing this was time intensive, as you had to download the image, crop it on your computer and then upload it again (we’re tired just thinking about it!).

Check out how easy it is to find, review and crop images to optimize display, using our Dropified Photo Editor. Simply select your saved product, view, and then you will be at our product edit screen. Scroll to the bottom where the images are located, and you can choose to add more images that were scraped from the product page, or upload your own images (make sure they are royalty and copyright free). Select the image you wish to edit by clicking on the green edit icon (right hand side of each photo).

In the Photo Editor, you can crop, resize or add an artistic filter to the product image, or adjust photo lighting to darken the image or brighten it, add contrast or shadows. Pretty cool, right? The Photo Editor in Dropified allows you to put your personal touch on every image, in keeping with your shop theme, and helps you differentiate your images from other vendors.

4 thoughts on “Refine Product Images With Dropified Photo Editor

    • Kevin
      Kevin says:

      Hi Frank,
      After you edit the image, you need to click “Update in Shopify” or “Save for Later” button at the bottom of the Product Edit page in Dropified.
      If you’re having the issue while doing that, then reach out to Dropified Support Team via live chat for help 🙂

  1. Avatar
    Toni Jonckheere says:

    Good Day is there a way to completely change the background on images? or put some of those features {shapes} in the background instead of in front? So far other than that I like it. nice to have it right there to use.

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