Save Time With Captcha Solver

save time with captcha solver

Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 10 Minutes

When you are placing orders on AliExpress, and you reach the stage where you are about to complete the order, and all of the sudden (after placing multiple orders) you have to stop and deal with the annoying Captcha check. (We know it’s an important security feature, but it gets frustrating when you are adding a bulk number of products). Dropified now features a Captcha solver, which can be accessed by members with credits, and it eliminates the slow-down by filling in the Captcha for you.

To buy credits, go to your member page (top right), and you can manage your credits by selecting the quantity you wish to buy, and purchasing in-app. After you have purchased your credits successfully, navigate back to the store page, and scroll to the bottom of the page to the AliExpress Captcha section, and enable the setting. How do we do it for legal compliance? Our service immediately sends a message to a live human agent, that features a snapshot of the Captcha request, and they manually type in the Captcha, which is relayed through the Dropified app and updated within 5-10 seconds. You relax, and we do all the work for you, because we know you have better things to do than wrestle with Captcha several times a day.

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