Saving Aliexpress Order Id

saving aliexpress order id

Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Time: 15 Minutes

Start by navigating to your stores page in Dropified, to the orders section. Our members are currently provided with three options.

You can save order ID’s as a standard order note, which is set by default. Disable it if you want to save the order ID’s in a different location. If you choose to save your order ID’s as a note, be aware that some third-party applications (typically where customers can request an order status on the website) can display that information to your customer (and that can create some confusion).

You can save the order ID under additional details, which saves it to the designated details box (bottom right) in your Shopify store, with the link (URL) to the order.

The third option is to save the AliExpress order ID as a tag, which places the information into the designated section (second from the bottom, right in Shopify). Placing the order ID as a tag, makes searching and consolidating order information in Shopify easier.

Many of our members enable all three, to have quick access to the order ID data in multiple locations, for convenience, choosing to enable the second and third options.

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