Top 10 Best Online Business Ideas of 2020

Online Business ideas

The digital age is a place for new online business ideas to flourish. Not making money on the Internet? You are definitely missing out. The best time to start an online business is now. Today, we're discussing our top 10 online business ideas.

Check these out and begin your journey to Internet success!

1. Selling What You Know

Are you an expert at crocheting knit blankets?

Then experiment with selling them on Etsy. Etsy is an online marketplace where creative people turn their crafting hobbies into full-time careers. Each independent seller is capable of designing unique crafts with minimal overhead and minimal initial investment.

Signing up for Etsy has low costs and is flexible to fit your schedule. Consumers spent more than $2.8 billion dollars on Etsy last year alone, so don't miss out on your chance to get a piece of that revenue.

2. E-Commerce Store Ownership

Online shopping is up by 45% in 2016. Digital e-commerce purchases continue to rise as brick and mortar stores are forced to shut down. Find a niche on the Internet that allows online business ideas in the e-commerce world to take off.

Here is another one of our top e-commerce online business ideas: Consider upselling specialty or hard-to-find items.

For instance, bargain hunters will be thrilled with an assortment of clothing that is less than department store prices.

ere is another one of our top e-commerce online business ideas: Consider upselling specialty or hard-to-find items. For instance, bargain hunters will be thrilled with an assortment of clothing that is less than department store prices.

Make profits by selling vintage pieces that no other store can compete with.

3. Travel Blogging

It wasn't too long ago that Netflix offered to pay Instagram Influencers $4,000 to travel around the world documenting their experiences online. Turning your travels into a career is actually more common than you think.

In fact, Jay Alvarrez is an example of a famous Instagram traveler who makes a living working with brands around the world. He has established his own career as a travel blogger and has already turned his passion for travel into one of the top online business ideas for 2019.

Recently, he worked with Coca-Cola on a summer campaign which undoubtedly launched his future in the acting world. There are many large companies looking to work with people to promote their products using digital media, and travel blogging makes it possible.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Talking about products in a blog format is another one of our favorite online business ideas for 2019.

There are quite a few different companies that allow writers to incorporate links into their blog content to make commissions.

For example, if someone has a blog about style, he or she can write a post and talk about a favorite new pair of boots. Then, the writer can provide a link for a reader to purchase those boots.

Once the reader makes a purchase, the blog owner will make a small commission from the purchase. The bigger the following, the bigger the commission. It's as simple as hyperlinking the text and getting paid after a sale transaction is completed.

5. Social Media Consultant

Companies that don't have time to commit to a social media presence are hiring experts to run their accounts. From Facebook to Twitter, a social media consultant is yet another option for online business ideas on the rise. Are you someone who constantly updates your own social media accounts on a daily basis?

Consider changing that hobby into a paid position. Reach out to as many companies as you can because most of them are looking for an expert social media manager.

6. Website Design

Use the creative side of your brain to develop clean and stylish website layouts for bloggers to purchase. Learn the tricks of the trade with tools offered by the myriad modern web designing courses available online.

In no time, you can offer your web designing services to clients to satisfy their graphic design dreams.

7. Online Teaching

Are you qualified to teach certain subjects to students online? Even if you have never taught a subject at a school before, you may qualify for online teaching if you are an expert in other areas.

Consider online teaching as an option for you. Skype calls are easy to set up between computers so you can teach from anywhere in the world. You can choose from a wide range of topics, from math to music, all from a virtual standpoint.

The flexibility of online teaching also encourages more people to jump on board with this choice, making it one of our top online business ideas in 2017.

8. App Reviewing

Start earning cash online by reviewing apps in the iTunes store. There are new apps added to the store every single day, which means you have the opportunity to download them and try them out.

App developers want to see genuine reviews of their products out in the open for all to see. Visibility is a major component of successful apps that draw in a large audience.

Reviewing apps is perfect for someone who already loves experimenting with new and exciting tech creations.

9. Dropshipping as Online Business Ideas

With little to no start-up money needed, dropshipping should be on your list as a prospective online business. There is no middleman involved in the dropshipping process.

The products you sell are directly sent to the customer. Hone in on a few products to sell to curate a niche for the best of the best.

For example, if you sell toothbrushes, your customer doesn't need to go through thousands of toothbrushes to find the best one. Offer your customers the cream of the crop so they can easily make the right purchase.

10. Recruitment

This online business is great for the people person. If you are the type of person who enjoys chatting with others, then consider a future in the recruiting market.

Using websites such as LinkedIn to continue the conversation is key. Establishing a connection with the people you talk to online is important in the recruitment process.

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