Product Connect™
Product Connector™

The Product Connector™ is powered by our unique Chrome Extension that utilizes APIs to connect products that you want to sell. Test and validate potential winning products from the best marketplaces (AliExpress, AliBaba, eBay, and more) on your favorite Ecommerce platforms.

Cost: $10/month  Included!

Product Connector™

Import Products To Your Store In SECONDS! 
Product Connector™ gives you more flexibility than ever before to test & launch new products.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the mind-numbing manual task of listing new products on your store (think copying and pasting product descriptions, adding individual variants, adding products to the right collections, downloading and re-uploading product images to your store, double checking your work – sound familiar?), we are about to blow your mind. 

Dropified’s Product Connector™ is a Chrome extension that imports products to your store in SECONDS – from DOZENS of supplier marketplaces and sites. You can even modify product details and add/remove supplier images, add product tags, and save them to Dropified® to view & edit later. 

With Product Connector™, you’ll have more flexibility than ever before to test & launch new products while freeing up more time in your day.

Feature How To Use Steps:

Single product description page (all supported sites)

    1. Visit supplier site such as AliExpress, Alibaba, eBay, etc
    2. Search for a product or navigate to a product category page
    3. Click on a product to visit the description page
    4. Click the ‘Dropified icon' to the right of the browser address bar to open extension window
    5. Modify product details as needed
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the extension window and ‘Save/Send' the product

Search results page (AliExpress, eBay)

    1. Visit supplier site, AliExpress or eBay
    2. Search for a product or navigate to a product category page
    3. Hover over the image of a product to save
    4. Click the round ‘Dropified icon' button to Quick Save

Search results page (Alibaba – API):

    1. Click Alibaba Products link in the Dropified in-app navigation sidebar
    2. Search for dropshipping products
    3. Click ‘Add to Import List' button over the product to save

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