Product Control™ 
Youzign™ Image Editor Integration

Want an easy-to-use image editor similar to Canva? Dropified® integrates with Youzign, so you can seamlessly create and import your designs as unique and high-converting product images.

Cost: $5/month  Included!

Youzign™ Image Editor Integration

Seamlessly Create And Import Product Images
All the design tools you will need, right at your fingertips.

Integration Steps:

    1. Navigate to the account Profile page in Dropified
    2. Click the ‘Integrations' tab at the top
    3. Fill in the Youzign Public Key and Access Token which can be obtained from the Youzign account
    4. Click the ‘Save' button

Feature How To Use Steps:

    1. Navigate to Dropified ‘Saved Products' page
    2. Click on a product image to open the edit page
    3. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Upload Image' button
    4. Click the tab labeled ‘Youzign' at the top
    5. Select the images to upload by clicking them
    6. Close the image upload window
    7. At the bottom of the Dropified product edit page, click the button to ‘Save for Later', ‘Send' or ‘Update' in the store

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