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Product Control™

Take control over every aspect of the products you sell with Product Control™. Create winning product listings, optimize marketing campaigns, and manage products to ensure you maximize conversions and reach your peak sales potential. You can also sync inventory and price changes so you never lose out on margin or miss out on a sale, and more!

Total Cost: $120/month  Included!

Product Control™

View the apps below to see the power of Product Control™:

    • Edit your product info.
    • Import, download and edit product images.
    • Upload custom images.
    • Set your ideal price markup.
    • Switch product vendors as you find better pricing and inventory options.
    • Configure your product’s variant in any way you like (ex. Blue comes from Supplier A while Green is sourced from Supplier B) and much more.
    • Automatically sync product inventory (AliExpress) so that your inventory levels are available at a glance.

Advanced Product Editor

The Advanced Product Editor gives you control over all of your product information to create the best listing possible. Customize your product’s title, write high-converting and compelling product descriptions, manage and test customer pricing, and add your product tags to make your catalog management easier. Learn More

Product Image Editor™

Edit product images directly within Dropified and have the updates saved instantly. Add text, remove supplier logos, adjust image brightness and contrast, crop and add effects with just a few clicks. Learn More

Instant Image Downloader™

Download your favorite product images so you can post them to social media or make adjustments on your favorite editing platforms.
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Custom Product Images™

Want to use an external image editor to create custom or lifestyle images? No problem. Dropified allows you to easily upload your own images to product listings to make them pop with your own designs and branding. Learn More

Product Archiver™

Want to revert to your supplier’s original product description? Now you can with the Product Archiver™. Save the original product information inside the Dropified Portal so you can always reference it later whenever you’d like. Learn More

Vendor Control™

Sometimes a product supplier doesn’t work out (for example stock or shipping issues, outdated listings, etc). With Vendor Control™, you can easily switch vendors in a matter of seconds while keeping existing product descriptions and edits unchanged!.
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ProVariant™ gives you complete control over your product variants. With advanced variant mapping, configure your product’s variants in any way you like (ex. Blue comes from Supplier A while Green is sourced from Supplier B), set default shipping preferences on the variant level and much more.
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Shopify Bulk Editor™

If you are using Shopify, the Shopify Bulk Editor™ allows you to bulk edit several product variants at one time by adjusting price, weight, product type, vendor and product tags. Learn More

Ali-Inventory Sync™

Automatically sync product inventory (from AliExpress) so that your inventory levels are available at a glance.
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Facebook Product Feed™

Generate product feeds optimized for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads without having to spend money on extra apps. Retarget interested buyers and showcase your best products to convert more sales!
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Google Product Feed™

Generate product feeds optimized for Google Shopping without having to spend money on extra apps. Retarget interested buyers and showcase your best products to convert more sales! Learn More

Advanced Bundles™

Combine multiple products together to create custom product bundles without having to purchase a separate app. Combine different quantities and different products into unique and creative offers like “Buy one, get one Free” or “Starter Kits” to increase average order values and beat the competition. Learn More

High Speed Reviews™

With High Speed Reviews™, get real social proof from customers who have already reviewed the product by downloading reviews from AliExpress. With High Speed Reviews™ you can decide which reviews you’d like with filter options by rating, user country and more.
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Product Alerts™

Product Alerts™ keeps you up to date of inventory and cost-related changes. Receive in-app and email alerts when suppliers change their price or when inventory levels are low and automatically update your product pricing and status in your store! Learn More

Youzign™ Image Editor Integration

Want an easy-to-use image editor similar to Canva? Dropified integrates with Youzign, so you can seamlessly create and import your designs as unique and high-converting product images. Learn More

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