Product Connect™
Product Import Templates

Product Import Templates save you time and reinforce brand messaging by allowing you to create custom product description templates for any product that you import with the Product Connector™.

Cost: $5/month  Included!

Product Import Templates

Turn Daunting Tasks Into Simple Processes
Save time and create custom templates quickly!

Ready to turn the daunting task of manually editing all the product descriptions imported from sites like AliExpress into a simple and painless process? With Product Import Templates, save time and create custom templates to quickly make your product descriptions perfect. 

Every product description is an opportunity for you to not only give your potential customers the details about the product but it’s also a chance for you to list the most compelling benefits and add in that special touch of sales copy that can help get them to purchase now. 

With the Product Import Templates tool you’ll be able to:

    • Quickly Add Compelling Sales Copy
    • Ensure your product descriptions standout
    • Entice your customers to take action
    • Create Product Specific Templates
    • Work faster with templates you create
    • Create templates for specific categories of products
    • Import & Add New Products Faster

Writing product descriptions is a time-consuming task. Not anymore!

Feature How To Use Steps:

    1. Navigate to Dropified ‘Settings' page
    2. Click ‘Custom Product Descriptions' link
    3. Click ‘Add New Template' button
    4. Fill in a template title and create description template
    5. Click ‘Save'

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