Order Control™
High Speed Captcha Solver™

You expect your order processing to flow smoothly, so when AliExpress throws up pesky CAPTCHAs it can really throw off your groove. Dropified’s High Speed Captcha Solver™ jumps to complete the captcha automatically to seamlessly keep the order process moving forward.

Cost: $10/month  Included!

High Speed Captcha Solver™

No More Solving CAPTCHA’s Yourself
Save time and keep the order process moving forward by leaving the tedious CAPTCHA solving to us!

Tired of having to manually solve the captcha for every order you process through AliExpress? So were we.

That’s why we created the High Speed Captcha Solver™. Up until now there really was no way around the CAPTCHA issue. Here at Dropified we’ve integrated software that automatically solves the CAPTCHA with machine learning. It works, and it’s FAST.

If you’ve got lots of orders to fulfill and lots of CAPTCHAs to solve then you are going to love how much time this feature is going to save you.

With the High Speed Captcha Solver, you’ll enjoy:

    1. Saving A LOT Of Time:
      • No more solving captchas yourself
      • Process your Aliexpress orders on auto-pilot
    2. Full Automation:
      • No more sitting there making sure all your orders get processed correctly
      • Save money on employees who used to process the orders

Feature How To Use Steps:

    1. Navigate to Dropified ‘Settings' page
    2. Under the AliExpress section, turn on ‘Enable Auto Captcha Solving'
    3. Scroll down and click ‘Save'

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