Product Control™ 
Product Alerts™

Product Alerts™ keeps you up-to-date of inventory and cost-related changes. Receive in-app and email alerts when suppliers change their price or when inventory levels are low and automatically update your product pricing and status in your store!

Cost: $12/month  Included!

Product Alerts™

Easily Track Product Availability And Price Changes
Receive in-app and email alerts when suppliers change their price or inventory levels.

Keeping track of price changes from your suppliers, and tracking product availability are critical to running an efficient and problem free ecommerce business.

But, many times as a store owner you don’t have time to check your vendors daily for price and availability updates. Especially when you have lots of products in your store to keep track of. 

Luckily, with Product Alerts, you don’t have to. This time saving little tool will keep you up to date with changes in pricing or product availability from right inside the Dropified dashboard so you never have to leave and go hunting for information on whether anything has changed.

With the Product & Price Alerts tool you’ll be able to:

    1. Track Product Availability
      • Get notified when a product is no longer available so you don’t sell an out of stock item.
    2. Get Price Change Alerts
      • Get notified if a supplier changes the cost of goods so you can update your pricing as well.
    3. Set Up Automation
      • Automate what happens to the product pricing and/or availability once an alert is received so you don’t have to manually make the changes yourself.

Feature How To Use Steps:

    1. Navigate to Dropified ‘Settings' page
    2. Set the preferred options under the Alerts section
    3. Scroll down and click ‘Save'
    4. Navigate to Dropified ‘Alerts' page to view in-app notifications

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