Order Control™
Custom Products Notifier™

Some products on AliExpress can be customized (for example their name on a necklace). We can easily support these custom order attributes with the Custom Products Notifier™.

Cost: $5/month  Included!

Custom Products Notifier™

Customized Products? No Problem!
Dropified® sends your customers requested customizations to your AliExpress supplier for you!

Enhance order automation and reduce manual order processing mistakes for products with customizable attributes with the Custom Products Notifier™. With this feature, Dropified® can pull the requested customization on the order and send it to the AliExpress supplier as an order note. No tedious retyping or cross-referencing needed – just click the order button as you normally would and we’ll do the rest!

Feature How To Use Steps:  

*This feature is for Shopify only

    1. Navigate to Dropified ‘Settings' page
    2. Under the Orders section, enable the ‘Custom Line Attributes' feature
    3. Scroll down and click ‘Save'

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