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Call Flex™

Get complete flexibility and control of your very own toll free or local number. Manage your business with call flows, automated menus, private call forwarding, voice prompts and so much more.

Cost: $25/month  Included!

Call Flex™

Your Very Own Toll Free Or Local Number
Create a Toll-Free number to help grow your business.

Our full-service telephone service, CallFlex, offers everything you need to create an amazing call platform that allows customers to leave voicemail messages, forward calls and more! CallFlex includes 100 minutes per month and either a local or toll-free phone number.

With CallFlex you’ll be able to:

    1. Create A Toll Free Number OR Local Number
      1. Choose between your very own toll free number OR local number unique to your business ($3/month extra for local number).
      2. Give your online store and company a professional look and feel.
    2. Increase Trust & Conversions
      • Having a phone number prominently displayed on your site can increase conversions.
      • Increase the trust people have about your site.
    3. Custom Voicemail Box
      • Set up a custom greeting to welcome people.
      • Put people's fears and anxieties at bay with a friendly message.

Feature How To Use Steps:

    1. Navigate to Dropified ‘CallFlex' page
    2. Click ‘Add New Number' button
    3. Add a name for the new number
    4. Select a number and click ‘Submit' button

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