Product Control™ 
Facebook Product Feed™

Generate product feeds optimized for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads without having to spend money on extra apps.

Cost: $7/month  Included!

Facebook Product Feed™

Set And Forget Advertising
Retarget interested buyers and showcase your best products to convert more sales!

Struggling to make the most of your remarketing ads on Facebook? 

Advertising and remarketing ads specifically can be a daunting task to get setup for many businesses. However, there is good news for eCommerce store owners who want to use Facebook as their advertising platform as Facebook offers an easy way to create a catalog of the products on your store. 

Once set up, which is a breeze with the Facebook Product Feed, you can easily create simple Dynamic Remarketing Ads on Facebook that will showcase the products people actually viewed while visiting your site along with other relevant products pulled from your catalog that they may find interesting. 

There is no better set and forget form of advertising and remarketing out there. If you are not using it you are missing out big time!

Here’s the benefits of using our Facebook Feed addon:

    1. Use Dynamic Product Ads
      • Remarket to Facebook users who engaged with your store.
      • Works for product ads and catalog ads.
    2. Easy, Fast & Convenient
      • Connect your store with a few clicks.
      • List, sync and modify your product feed to Facebook Catalog as you want.
    3. Fully Automated
      • Updates automatically every time you add or update a product on your store.

Feature How To Use Steps:

    1. Navigate to Dropified ‘Marketing Feeds' page
    2. Under the Feed URL column, click the ‘Facebook Feed' link to copy the feed URL

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