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Dropified 3PL™

Full control of the shipping logistics of your products. You can either print shipping labels at super discounted shipping rates yourself OR we can connect to the 3PL provider of your choice. This means inventory management, warehousing, and fulfillment all happens seamlessly with your total control.

Cost: $40+/month  Coming Soon!

Dropified 3PL™

Automate Everything
Speed up delivery and increase sales.

Once you validate a product, the next step is to buy large quantities of the particular product (for better pricing) and most importantly to enhance the experience and speed for the end user. Faster tracked shipping, better controlled packaging and more. 

Third-party logistics are complicated, especially when you have multiple inventory distribution locations, multiple channels of selling & higher volume of sales. Managing all of this can get extremely overwhelming, and that's why we're building a 3PL system directly within Dropified®.

Some other KEY benefits:

    • Super FAST shipping times 
    • Inventory Control 
    • Return Management
    • Instant tracking codes
    • Reduced shipping costs
    • …Plus much more!

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