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Tube Hunt™

Use Tube Hunt™ to quickly find and extract lists of highly relevant and popular YouTube videos that you can start showing your ads on… in minutes.

Cost: $29/month  Included!


Quickly Find Relevant Videos To Advertise On
Search by keyword and channels to find videos specifically related to your niche.

With Tube Hunt™ you can quickly build a list of hundreds or even thousands of videos specific to your target market that you can run your ad in front of. 

Simply search for the same keywords and Youtube channels your target customers are searching for on Youtube and Tube Hunt™ will scrap the entire list of video search results straight from Youtube. 

These are the exact videos your audience is finding and watching when they are searching on Youtube as well. And you can advertise directly to them!

With Tube Hunt™ you’ll be able to:

    1. Quickly Find Relevant Videos:
      • Search by keyword and channels to find videos specifically related to your niche.
    2. Do Precision Targeting:
      • Quickly compile lists of hundreds and even thousands of videos you know your potential customers are watching.
    3. Save Huge Amounts Of Time:
      • No more manually searching, copying and pasting video urls directly from Youtube search results.

If you are planning to do any sort of advertising on Youtube, you need Tube Hunt™. There really is no other way to find all the relevant placements you need to target for success any other way!

Feature How To Use Steps:

    1. Navigate to Dropified's ‘Tube Hunt™' page
    2. Add a query term, phrase, video URL or channel, and then click ‘Search'

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